All Articles - My first post

This is my first post on my newly created blog at, please join my journey towards becoming a better developer and security engineer.

The domain

A few months ago, I discovered that Google allows you to register .dev domains and I jumped at the opportunity.

I have a few domains under my name but this one is by far the coolest and well suited to the goal of my blog posts.

Using gatsbyjs

GatsbyJS is an awesome React based framework for building beautify static web applications. React is a JavaScript front end development framework built by Facebook as an open source project.

It allows developers to build modular components that can then be brought together to build awesome single page applications. If you are not familiar with with React it might be a little bit of a learning curve due to using JSX syntax but it’s worth the ending results.

You can start learning React here.

Using lumen theme

My last blog I built my own theme from scratch but this time I decided to use one of the many starter theme/templates on GatsbyJS’s website.

After looking at many of them, I ended up going for the Lumen theme from Alexander Shelepenok which is open source and awesome for anyone to use.

Using now

The final part of the puzzle was to find a great platform to deploy my static site. In the past I used Github Pages but this time around I’m using now or from Zeit.

GatsbyJS blog post on how to deploy GatsbyJS to now is an excellent a quick resource to get you started.


My React, gatsbyjs, and now stack is awesome and I highly recommend any one using it