Security Conferences

One of the things I love doing are annual security conferences. Sometimes I don’t have time for them but I do enjoy participating in these talks, community members, and awesome discussions.

So over time, I will be updating my list of events that I have attended in the past or want to in the future:


United Kingdom

Name of Conferences Dates Location
SteelCon Sheffield, UK
DevSecCon 14-15 Nov 2019 London, UK
44Con 11 Sep 2019 London, UK
Securi-Tay Dundee, UK
BSides London London, UK
BSides Manchester Manchester, UK
BSides Bristol Bristol, UK

Other European Countries

Name of Conferences Dates Location
OWASP Global AppSec Amsterdam 23-27 Sep 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chaos Computer Club Germany
Hardware IO Netherlands Luxembourg
GreHack Grenoble, France
BSides Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal
BSides Athens Athens, Greece

North America


Name of Conferences Dates Location
OWASP Global AppSec D.C. 9-13 Sep 2019 Washington D.C., USA
BlackHat US Las Vegas, USA
Def Con Las Vegas, USA